Conservatives vs. Liberals?

Liberals vs. Conservatives?

Do you realize that most of us have rather moderate views on political issues and that this perception of there being a serious extreme existing in the American population is probably not true?  Here at Politically Charged, we seek to offer a moderate view, one to be ascertained by the reader, due to our attempt to examine the extreme points of view, on the left and the right.  It is this editor's position that in reality, the Republicons and Demorats have shown themselves to be inept at continuing to be the new fourth estate in our nation.  Obviously, both parties walk in lock-step together on the major issues, while appearing to be very different only in regards to moral issues, and even these stances have proven to be hypocritical on their basic platforms.


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James 2:5

Hearken, my beloved brethren, Has not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to them that love him?

Welcome to Rich In Faith. This organization has been established for the purpose of reaching out the homeless population of the country with the words of hope found in the Holy Bible. The homeless population has increased 35% since the mortgage fiasco of 2008 and our brothers and sisters who can't even take a shower, cook a meal or take a rest need hope. God has the answer and by going to where the forgotten are, we can reach out with words of encouragement and love. Our hope is to eventally reach as many people as possible and to raise funds for a homeless encampment here in Shasta County. With archaic laws regarding illegal camping, wasted resources for clean ups and police actions, it makes sense to strive for an area where the homeless can camp in safety and have the amenities required to sustain their lives in some type of security. Help us help the homeless by contributing to our organization. May God Bless you and yours.


Homelessness in Shasta County




Being homeless in America is a difficult proposition, particularly in light of the present economic downturn of late. But being homeless in Shasta County is unbearable. With laws to prevent camping in this mostly federal lands county, very limited resources and negative attitudes, many homeless find themselves between and rock and a hard place in this county. The lack of resources and available housing demand a different approach. It is obvious that this problem will grow and will assist in creating an increase in many social ills, i.e., drug and alcohol addiction, petty crimes, loss of education for homeless children, but most of all the sense of hopelessness instilled when the homeless feel no one cares for their plight. In this paper, we will visit Shasta county, assess the magnitude of the problem, and offer solutions to help the homeless in meeting the most basic of needs.


 The homeless situation has been managable within the county limits until recently. Now the problem has grown to astronomical proportions and the only answer the city can come up with is to keep the homeless moving around. The Good News Rescue Mission only offers a 30 day stay and then it's back to camping (Good News Rescue Mission), if you can get away with it.The law also makes it illegal to sleep in your parked car (Municode). Chapter 10.4 of the Redding Municipal Code:


10.40.010 - Camping and fire activity on public property.


A. Except as may be permitted within municipal parks by the community services director, or his or her designee, it is unlawful to camp upon any public property owned by the city, including, without limitation, streets, easements, parks, dump sites, creekbeds, electric utility substations, parking lots, or corporation yards or to start or maintain an open fire on said property without a permit in violation of the California Fire Code.


B. Except as otherwise permitted under Title 18 of the Redding Municipal Code, it is unlawful for any person to sleep between ten p.m. and five a.m. in any vehicle parked on any public street, alley way, or parking area, or any privately owned parking area used for the parking of customers of any business enterprise without the consent of the owner of such business enterprise.


(Ord. 2376 § 2, 2006: Ord. 2309 § 1 (part), 2003)


The City of Redding and County of Shasta Continuum of Care Council is a collaboration composed of over twenty local organizations providing housing and related homeless services to the community.


The key findings of this annual homeless census are as follows (Vetswork):


1,460 unduplicated households, comprising 3,041 individuals, were homeless at some point during the twelve-month period of this study.


1,106 of the 3,041 homeless people identified were children.


An additional 1,411 unduplicated households, comprising 3,675 total individuals, were at imminent risk of losing their housing during the twelve-month period of this study.


 59% of these at-risk households were families with children.


Over one-quarter of the at-risk households were working families, with incomes averaging $813 per month - approximately 28% of the Shasta County median income.


Approximately 4% of Shasta’s population were either homeless or at imminent risk of


homelessness at some point in 2002.


Over 2,600 Shasta County children were either homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness in 2002.


These figures are from a county consortium and dated 2002. The county does not offer any additional figures, although Shasta 's unemployment rate stands at 15% according to the U.S. Bureau of Vital Statistics.


And from the only overnight shelter in Redding, the Good News Rescue Mission offers the following information:


2009 Annual Update


By the Grace of God and your generosity, in 2009 The Good News Rescue Mission provided over:


76,347 Safe Nights of Lodging


237,343 Total Meals Provided


11,671 Emergency Sacks of Groceries


2,145 Medical Activities


444 Dental Clinic Visits


8,581 Academic Center Hours


671 Chiropractic Visits


376 Decisions for Christ


73,192 Pieces of Cothing & Other Household Items


A recent story from the Redding Record Searchlight, dated January 25, 2011, relates how the



homeless are roused from several places in the county that offer spaces for tents and fresh water; in


particular an area by a creek running along a local casino. The land is owned by the city and BLM, however it is illegal to camp in this county, despite the natual resources available, like clean water and forest shelter. And from an article in the Record Searchlight, “The shelter houses anywhere from 100 to 150 people per night, including long-term residents and overflow space, said Ken White, community relations director for the Rescue Mission.” and “City Manager Kurt Starman said recently the city doesn't have a plan for the homeless but is willing to listen to suggestions.”


To date, there still isn't a plan. And the homeless organizations and advocacy groups in the county are without much funding and running out of ideas. The only idea, according to an April 10, 2011 Record Searchlight article is to hope and pray (most of the advocacy groups are ministries) that the city will give land for a safe camp. However, the city gives out tickets for illegal camping and with that fines. When fines aren't paid, then you are allowed to do community service. Therefore, the county can make money or have free labor from the homeless population they harass. Makes sense to me that the county wouldn't bother to try to help.


Since the only solution offered is to purchase land or have land donated by the city or a private landowner, I will offer the solution I have tried to talk to organization heads over the past few years. There is a city park the homeless use during the day. Why not offer that park as a homeless camp? There are bathroom facilities and the general public doesn't use the park due to the daytime homeless population hanging out there because of the close proximity to food banks, clothing banks, and the Good News Rescue Mission. Our county just closed our Parks and Recreation Department's maintenance area and have privatized this task for a cheaper price. Why not let the homeless stay in a park, and clean the other parks for the privlege of a place to stay. To assume the homeless population is unable to police themselves or keep themselves clean is an affront and wrong headed thinking. Many of the homeless now are whole families who have been foreclosed on and many live in the low income hotels and motels in the area.


On his myspace page, Loaves and Fishes director, Chris Solberg, has had his own fight with the county. His advocacy for the homeless was impeded after he filed a lawsuit against the Redding Police Department, who does most of the rousing of the homeless encampments. They, according to Solberg, take the homeless' belongings from them and does not return them, as required by law. This was announced in 2009. Then in September of last year, an article comes out in the Record Searchlight explaining that Solberg's food bank ministry, housed in the same building since 1991, has been asked to leave. According to the article, there was a disagreement wih Tom Moore, CEO of The Church of the Redeemed, here in Redding. Moore asked Solberg to vacate the premises and his ministries website is offline and Solberg is not available for comment. I will leave the reader to decide for themselves what happened with Solberg, however the news article is full of insinuations about Solberg's inability to get along with others. Meanwhile, the homeless are continued to be harassed and told to move on.



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